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Welcome to Kirsch Pharma!


Kirsch Pharma is one of the leading raw material suppliers for the following industries:

    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Nutritionals
    • Veterinary Products
    • Cosmetics

We support our customers in optimising their pharmaceutical preparations.

Our product portfolio comprises products for the manufacture of:

    • Parenterals
    • Tablets
    • Rehydration Salts
    • Vitamin and Mineral Preparations
    • Infant Formulae
    • Dietetic Salts
    • Hydrocolloids

Kirsch Pharma is an innovative company, offering products of premium quality at attractive prices
with the objective to continuously optimising its service and products.

More than 130 employees worldwide are there to provide you with our products and service.
We service about 3,000 clients all over the globe.






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